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How do u make a guy feel bad for being a jerk to ...

a guy and i are fighting right now. he thinks i started it but it was actually him that did when he over reacted to something that was no big deal.  he freaked out on me and purposely tried to "hurt my feelings."  i want him to realize what he did and said was wrong but hes stubborn and always thinks he is right so that may be hard to do. i want him to feel really bad. anything i can do or say? 

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Who's being stubborn? Sounds to me as though you've got quite a bit of that, yourself.

Instead of wasting your time and energy playing games and planning how to "make" him feel guilty, why not act in such a way so as to make him deserve the feelings of guilt he will come to on his own once he realizes what happened?

Meanwhile, here's an important question for you to think about: Would you rather be right, or be happy?

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Try being the one to break the ice without crawling to him.

You are both playing tough and that is a waste of time.  Be an adult if you can and say something like...."we both think we are each right....let's just decide to put it aside for now...."

There really is no way to make him feel bad. You shouldn't want to hurt someone you care about anyway. Best thing to do is try to make up and agree to disagree.. doesn't matter who's right & who's wrong. Try to get along or this relationship will go nowhere.

I think that both of you are immature. I have a hunch that this relationship is not going anywhere unless both of you will change your attitude to each other. Maturity comes in time.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

If you Want to look better then him,  Then don't play the same game.. the best advice anyone can give you is to ignore his dumb ass.. Don't take into account any word that comes out his mouth and just plain ignore him guys hate that.. not just guys anyone hates being ignored and being pushed aside like the are important.  and i guarantee he will care and either apologize or feel very crummy for what ever it is he did.

u tell him that he is rude then he will be sad Surprised and u will be suprized


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