List of wars America has fought since 1860:

War:                         Cause:                                      Outcome:

American Civil War       Deep south Denmocrat secession  Defeat of the south
Shimoneseki Battles    Treaty violations                           Allied victory.
Korean War 1871        First socialist war ever fought      Allied victory.
Samoan War 1898       Second Samoan civil war             Plebiscite.
Spanish-American War 1898    Sinking, battleship Maine    American victory.
Moro Rebellion 1899-1913    Attack on US possessions     American victory.
Phillipine War 1899-1902     Treaty violations                     American victory.
Boxer rebellion 1899          Attack on American consulate   American victory.
Nicaraguan War 1912 Treaty violation (Sandinista marxists)  American victory.
Pancho Villa Expedition 1914  Border War                       American victory.
Haiti War  1914-1919       Treaty violations                      American victory.
Dominican War 1916-1924  Treaty violations                   American victory.
World War 1  1917-1918    Attack on USS Lusitania        Allied victory.
Russian civil war  1918-1920  Treaty violations                Settled.
WWII 1941-1945               Attack on Pearl Harbor          Allied victory.
Cold War                         Treaty violations            Collapse of communism.
Korean War                      Invasion of S. Korea      Ceasefire of 1953.
Vietnam War 1956-1975    Treaty violations            Ceasefire of 1975.
Congo War 1960-1965       Treaty violations            American victory.
Operation Power pack 1965-1966 treaty violations    American victory.
Bay of Pigs invasion 1963     ?                               The ONLY American defeat.
Yom Kippur War  1973       Invasion of Israel            Allied victory.
Iran-Iraq War 1987-1988    Treaty violations            Allied victory.
Operation Just Cause 1990   Treaty violations           American victory.
Persian Gulf War 1990-1991  Invasion of Kuwait        Coalition victory.
(134 no-fly incidents)           Treaty violations            American victory.
Somali civil war 1992-1995    Treaty violations           American victory.
Bosnian War 1993-1995        ?                                Dayton Accords.
Hatian Pacification 1994-1995   ?                              Ceasefire (?)
War on terror                       2001-present               Ongoing.
Iraq-Afghan Wars                 9-11-2001                    Ongoing.

All of these wars began because of Democats and their incompetence.  All should have been avoided by sound diplomacy.

We grant rational persons full latitude of thought and action. We restrict irrational persons to leftist nonsense so that they don't get in too much trouble.
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I think that by now, we can say that the worst threat to world peace is any foolhardy Democrat in any public office of any sort. 


How many people were killed in these wars the Democrats started?


I wonder how these people can look at themselves in the mirror, considering what fools and hypocrites they really are

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