Can you give examples of socio-political systems ...

Can you give examples of socio-political systems (and possibly other similar entities) whose weakest points are, in fact, some aspects of their strongest points?

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Drabsv asks:

Can you give examples of socio-political systems (and possibly other similar entities) whose weakest points are, in fact, some aspects of their strongest points?

The Soviet Union had a policy of rigid control over people.  Their combination of propaganda, threats and the harsh reality of those threats, kept the people in line.  They had control, but at what cost in humanitarian terms?

The weakest point in the American culture is our intellectual freeedom guaranteed under the First Amendment: the people speak freely which can cause roiting, but I, for one, would rather endure riots than tyranny.

The strongest point of American culture is our freedom to choose.  However, meddlesome outsiders give us the choice of one lie or another.  The first amendment gives us the power to print and sell what we will, even if that freedom can be abused.

So on through all the Constitution.  We have laws on the books that are clearly unconstitutional but in time, those laws will be repealed.  Freedom is our best attribute, at a modest cost.  The price of tyranny is far greater than the cost we pay to remain free.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

1. Caste based politics in India is one example in which the caste is united but the nation appears divide.

2. Religion based politics of the Muslim world where the religion reigns supreme but the people especially women is under subjugation.

3. The free western world where the people enjoys freedom but immorality is unchecked.


Change heart Change life

All of life is a dichotomy: if I get solitude, I lose company.  If I get sympathy, I also first suffer misery. 

Our strongest suit is freedom.  Everyone wants to be free.  European African and Middle Eastern tyrants hate us because we consistently prove them wrong, and they persecute us the bitterest way that they know how.

The hassle we had with the Soviet Union was complex at least, but as soon as the monster was gone, we quickly made friends with the people.  OUR government led the way. 

Now we have a madman coming into the Oval Office whose intentions are to rule a second Soviet Union.  That is why he will not listen to moderates: e.g. the Republican Party.

Hatred as Obama has been acting out then denying with a few cheap stunts to put off the American people only prove how cheap, bitter, low-down, and tyrannical he really is.

Can we control that madman Obama?  We have asked him to be loyal: that means, he must put the interests of America above his own personal ambitions.  We are dealing with a truly cynical manipulator, whose lack of ethics make him a danger to himself and others!

Try to control any megalomaniac liar.  It will be easier controlling him than Obama.

Loyalty is the costliest virtue that exists: it includes your life. Disloyalty is the costliest vice that exists: it includes your soul.

Some good answers already, so I will just make an observation:

Any good feature of a system can, when pushed to the extreme, become a detriment.

Booray, any freedom can be abused.  I would still rather be free than endure tyranny.  The thing is, Obama is the worst tyrant in the western world and we will pay the price for his misfeasance in the blood of our children.

How will you feel when that happens?  Why did you not work harder to prevent the madness when you had the chance?

Loyalty is the costliest virtue that exists: it includes your life. Disloyalty is the costliest vice that exists: it includes your soul.

Yes, one being, Offering or extending the olive branch, in hand. (Socially the parties on both sides may be seen as, good or bad, strong or weak, right or wrong, when giving, or receiving the olive branch).  Depending upon who is doing the judging.  Among other reasons, the "On lookers" may make their choices based upon, what they believe the character(s) is of the person(s), to whom the branch is being offered, and from who the branch is being offered, etc.

Another is to torture or not to torture.  Both may be interpreted as a good thing to do, and both may be thought to be terribly wrong things to do, which may or may not depend upon, when, or why, it took place, and upon which independant extenduating set of circumstances to rule.

There are many many more.

O'Majesty, QueenAnne


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