I could tell you about how AC develops fields and such, but if we pursue that we must of course discuss scalar fields, parallel resistance, inductance, and capacitance, but that may be a bit more than you bargained for.

I changed my buddy icon because Physicalist pirated my screen name. Atheists have a way of being obnoxious, but that is because they lack a case. My new buddy icon is the planet Uranus. It will stay so until Physicalist learns his place -- under the front porch.
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rocmike give it a break

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With Tadpole around you might as well not discuss anything.  Talk about ignorant, vile, vulgar, and bitter.  Tadpole also goes by Physicalist.  You might know that creep better as the guy who demands that every body buirn crosses with him and his atheist buddies every saturday night.

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Rocmike all you do is repeat the same crap over and over alias after alias. Froggy and Physiclist sound nothing alike where all of your aliases sound exactly the same. You are to stupid to understand this.

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