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Tyler perry's studio/employment

tyler perry's studio; How can i find out about employment at the studio?

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I just relocated to Atlanta from San Diego, Ca. six months ago and I'm looking for employment. Can you send me a list of job openings? Thanks

Hello Mr. Perry My name is Gary Sires. I just watched your play Madea's happy family. At the end of the play you were talking about not giving up. I still searching for a black entertainer like yourself to maybe look at one of my inventions that can help millions of women against domestic violence. I just need that one break to make a difference in others lives like yourself. Go to nobumpingmylock.com I'm still knocking at the doors for a investor to help me with my second chance. Thanks Gary 


Hi Tyler Perry i am a film student who is hungry for all the experience i can get and right now you are the king of film. I just wanted to know if i could intern at your studio if not thank you any way God Bless YOU....kema

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