Twinkle toes lights

is there a way to dim or turn off lights on sketchers twinkle toes

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Do i have to replace sky lights with a roof replacement?

Unless the skylights are in poor condition and already leak, there is no reason to expect them to leak anytime soon. But he right about reflashing when the new roof is going on. When you find a new contractor, tell them exactly what you want. Consider everything and be sure you know what you are ...

How to turn off lights on sketchers twinkle toes shoes?

No guarantees, but this method worked with a pair of Champion shoes I bought for my son. Microwave them for a few seconds. You'll see the lights flashing and then a pop, the smell of burnt electronics and no more lights. Should take about 5 seconds.

Is wattage directly cumulative in lighting?

The wattage would be identical but add the number of Lumens for each bulb to get the actual usable light output. Note that compact flourescents(CFL) and LED bulbs will produce more light than incandescents.

These lights do not work i have bought two

Well, return them and get your money back.