TV picture is getting darker and darker, gradually. Fix?

I have a Panasonic rear-projection HDTV (model unknown).  Lately, the picture has gradually been getting darker and darker.  In night scenes the action is virtually invisible; it's all black.  Daylight scenes are dark, too.  Manipulation of the picture and contrast and brightness of the TV makes little to no difference.

Is this a sign of the projection bulb burning out?  I thought when that goes, it was a sudden failure.  Or, is there something wrong with the set, which needs to be seen by a serviceman?  (The set is about 4-5 years old.)  Or, is it time for a new TV?  (I secretly hope it is the latter; I would like to upgrade, and need an excuse.)

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<>Try troubleshooting with the help of a website guide.  Pictures are available of TVs, so maybe you will see yours in the list.  After troubleshooting, maybe you'll find an excuse to purchase a new one, as you desire.  Good luck, and here's the website:


I'll search, while you wait.

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Sounds like a projection bulb burning out. Could also be just dust on it.

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Is the TV equipped with an Ecosensor? If it does could be a problem with the sensor.

I would call the service man and see how much it'll cost to fix. It could be something simple but it may be an expensive repair. If it's really expensive I would simply get a new TV. No point investing money in an old TV set if buying a new one isn't that far from the repair price.

A better answer was found on Yahoo answers, suggesting calling a repair person and asking for a quote, and telling me how to order a replacement bulb on the internet.

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