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Pax Aeternum Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

It means that atheism is only a silly game for silly people to play when they should be happy, serious, and complete.


That is why you are half a man.  You cannot become a real man until you bring out the truth.  I know that what I say is true so if I have to resort to your dirty tricks to make you admit the truth, then it is still your fault for having gone to those dirty tricks in the first place.


Anyway, I am not going to let you atheist creeps affect my family with your hatred any longer.  You are exposed.  You can't hide malice that is in your heart.  You can't cover one atheist lie with another atheist lie forever.


Everybody already knows you are lying.  That is why we don't believe in you any more than you don't believe in God.  You can't have it both ways.  Nobody ever did so why should you get away with it?


Watching you squirm in sheer hypocrisy and dishonor is becoming a lot of fun!


Pax Aeternum


OK then make your kids into intellectual cripples and let them spend the rest of their lives sweeping floors in Kmart.  Your choice, idiot.  I consider your infecting innocent kids minds with your religious poison is akin to child abuse.

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