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How do I turn off AOL "quick read"?

I would like to have "full read" when I open a message from my AOL mailbox.  Somehow, I am getting "quick read" view of the message.  How do I reset this and always get full read?

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Mel: I found it; I found it!  AOL does have the WORST "Help" of any system other than ebay, that I have ever seen!!  Anyway, on the outside of the "Quick Read" on the right, in the center of the space vertically, there is a TINY arrow.  If you click on it, it eliminates the QR:>)))))))))))))))))))))))  I think we probably both clicked on it, while re-sizing the AOL page, by accident, which is how we went into  that particular level of hell...


Hope this helps!

Mary Flournoy

Salus Verus, True Health and Wellness from the inside out


but it comes back! how do you permanently get rid of it???

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