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How do you turn off the aim banner?

How do you get rid or turn off the aim banner? Right now i have this really sort of disturbing image on my aim program that says to click here to zombie yourself. I really don't like this banner, i'm not afraid of it but it just doesn't look like something i would want to look at in the middle of the night. Also think about the audience that is looking at this banner, little kids would be signing on their aim account and all of a sudden freak out when they see an ugly picture of what it would look like if somebody was a zombie. Some may find it funny but i don't think this is the right place to put such ad. Either take it out or let me disable this banner.

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Please sendme the screenshot fo the issue if you are still facing the issue to websitehelp@aol.com

Steps to take screen shot:

Windows OS :

1)     Go to the page in which you have the issue.

2)     Click on ‘Print Scrn’ button from the keyboard.

3)     Click on ‘Start’ button from your computer

4)     Click on ‘Run’

5)     Type ‘mspaint’ and press ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard.

6)     Press ‘Ctrl’ button and press ‘V’ from the keyboard

7)     Click on ‘File’ from the menu and click on ‘Save’

8)     Click on ‘Save’ button from the pop up


Press the Shift, Command,3 keys simultaneously ( all at once) from your keyboard.

You can see the screenshot file on your ‘Desktop’.


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