Tupak scam

TupakVisionary Shaman. Is he a fraud,scam?

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How is everything going with the darion one direct ...

Yes it is. The police dept found out that they used stolen credit cards to purchase goods. I returned the $500 item to Walmart and stopped communicating with them

MMP-logius.com actual company name is MMP ...

You are being hustled. It just happened to me, worked for a month and then I don't exist. No pay. They won't take my calls or answer my emails and have shut me out of the user panel. Beware they will ask you to pay for parcels that have money owing on it and then your screwed. I have filed a ...

Is this a scam?

I would say YES. Receive lots of info. at Google, enter "report scam, or fraud".

How do you report expected fraud/Scam to AOL?

notifyaol@abuse.aol.com or tosreports@aol.com.