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Why aol dont answers my wuestions ? is 4 mounth i ...

why aol dont answers my wuestions ? is 4 mounth i try to make my benefit because i need and i redy pay for the service.? is relevant because if dont answer after 15 years need ...
  Posted 2 months ago .


What is the saying "man's _____ to humanity?

what is the saying "man's _____ to humanity?
  Posted 7 months ago .


Was Shakespeare's 1611 "exit pursued by a bear" about a polar bear he rented from Henry Hudson (Hudson River, 1609

There is a story that Henry Hudson brought a polar bear back from America in 1609 after being icebound up the Hudson River. It was a sensation in England and Shakespeare rented it ...
  Posted 3 months ago .


Buying condo

What to inspect before buying a condo?
  Posted 17 hours ago .


Best location to spend time.

Which is the best location to spend time in vacation?
  Posted 18 hours ago .