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'The Most Trusted Name In News?" "Fair And Balanced?" Bull---eh? Absolute bull----actual morons!

In this day and age of video and E-mail manipulation we must dig deep into the well of knowledge and understanding and denying ourselves this wealth of knowledge around us is in my books a sin and an indication of utter ignorance.

Never imbrace any one side in anything until you have weighed in all the factors and looked into all the possibilities.  Great men, women, thinkers stinkers of ages old understood this.

However divided one is in any direction there is a direction that points to the truth and if the facts continueously form to the Left or Right and can be varified then we might be on the right track.

As you and I know or hopefully you know history is perverted by good intentions.

Lady Darko

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The right wing garbage you use is as bad as the garbage the right wing Fox opinion news puts out.

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