Leesa, I wouldn't encourage you to forget about your past and move on because the past is what shapes our personalities and leave its heavy marks deep inside. When we convince ourselves that we have forgotten about our past and are now moving on, we are actually deceiving ourselves. We move on with scars that trigger certain behaviors that neither ourselves nor others can understand.

I suggest you be frank with your husband about what you feel and think. And get help! You need someone to help you through this healing process. And Get God involved as well. He's the true Healer.

Good luck :)

Jesus is the truth, the way, and the LIFE
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Thank u, yes I've made an appointment to see a psychologist in feb do this issue doesn't end up affecting our marriage. Yes god defiantly is a healer I believe in him a far bit especially only having 20 percent chance on havin children. Which I'm a mother of a 3 month old. We're also thinking I'm suffering a little with post natal of so much has happened this yr and I'm a little overwhelmed. The past is defiantly wat makes us for sure. Which I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't and some goes with my hubby. I've never really soon it that way. My husband also said that his ex's was a learning stone so when he meet me who knew I was the one. :-) I shouldn't be so jealous its really perthatic cause I've got everything that she doesn't. Wat make me this way is that about 2 and a bit yrs ago my hubby had his ex's number in his phone under a guys number. I had known she rang on some occasion but my hubby's reason was he wanted to know if it was her not to answer which is a lie as he used to talk behind my back!! I just see it that if he can lie about a number wat else can he lie about??


Leesa, it's good you took a step to see a psychologist. I don't think you shouldn't be jealous because "you've got everything she doesn't have", but because you trust your husband. If you say he lied about it in the past, this should ring a bell! I hope you'll find it helpful talking to the psychologist. Good luck, dear :)

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