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Dear Christians, This question is for true Christians exclusively, as we have no reason to care for what the satanists think regarding our Bible. As Brother Tony suggested, I am making this ...

Brother Dixon, Thank you for your comments. No one can accuse you of being politically correct. Praise God for your forth right Spirit. We know there are heathens in world. Why should we pretend otherwise. To be politically correct is to deny truth which can lead to some one missing the boat and perishing, which God is not willing to happen. We need to speak boldly as you have so  someone gets the truth.   For example, a Lesbian was just appointed as a Bishop in one of thr so called Christian denomination. Ha they not realized the they may stretch or ignore God's word to be politically correct in favor of the gay community, but there also remains the sin of adultry. To allow Gay Bishops is to allow adulterous clergy to represent Christ. It boggles my mind that they are so blind. Do they not fear hell fires? The Lord bless you brother.  Arron from Tucson

Embrace Freedom, Fight Marxism, Pray for Truth The Lord helps those who ask for it.
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Aaron, matters of identity aside, let's look at what you say.

Which one of us is without sin? Do you now propose to cast the first stone?

Atheists prowling the world always seek ways to divide and conquer the Church which is clearly satanic/atheist in intention and application.

We faulted humans become Christians, not because we are perfect, but because we are completely imperfect.

Until atheists develop the sense to pour water from a boot (even if they must look on the bottom of the heel for directions) they will continue to try to divide and conquer the church exactly the same way as the atheist gods Hitler and Stalin did. So, we see that what they idolize, they become, QED.

Until atheists learn to repent, they will be as violent and surly as they ever were, always ready to provoke bloodshed as with every last one of their surly cult.

Do we have gay ministers? Who else could better help gays to repent? Do we have lesbian bishops? That is their church's decision, not mine.

All we really need to know is that atheists are as fanatical as they are judgmental, which of course proves that atheism is the bitterest and most dangerous form of hypocrisy in history.


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Thank you for your kind words.  It is nice to meet so many real Christians as I have met on this web site.  We must never water down the message contained in His Word, whether or not the heathens find it to their liking.   The Lord has never been PC, and neither shall we!


Gay ministers?  You need to repent immediately!  Read Romans 1.  Or at least read this: http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/5003/5003_01.asp  You should be able to see yourself in there.

Deacon Dixon


"Deacon" Dixon (aka Physicalist), more games?

Your "divide and conquer" tactics have failed again. God is the Judge, not we. For that, I remain eternally grateful.

Yet we are called upon to make a few judgments. To do so requires Christian insight that you completely lack. You may have your religion memorized verbatim, but you do not have faith. Until you accept Christ, from the heart, you never will develop saving faith. Games do not help you or your abrasive, narrow minded atheist cult.

Until you rise to faith, you will not become a Christian.

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You are not a Christian.  From the whole "gay bishop" bit, I take you're an Episcopalian, maybe a false Lutheran.  Get behind me, Satan!

Deacon Dixon

Chaplain John

Dixon, can a Christian have the spirit you have shown?  Who among us is without fault?  If you ever made a mistake (even a small one) that would make you a sinner, just like me.


It is an extrme rarity that I minister before a congregation.  Even at these occasions I wear my old Navy uniform with a Cross on one collar and an Eagle on the other.  That is because I am one of the very few who know what it is like to fight.  ALl Navy Chaplains have primary duties: mine was Naval Aviator.  I had more combat hours than my CO where I took flight training. 


The sins of a gay Bishop are between the Lord and him.  Would that gay Bishop have the conscience that I carry?  Yet, accident of war or not, death and destruction and wartime casualties and Purple Heart and ....... all the rest of that, I know that God has forgiven me.


He will forgive a gay Bishop, a randy Priest, and sinners like me, just by looking at a penitent heart and sorrow for what I did amiss.


"God, be merciful to me, a sinner," is every bit the same prayer of salvation for anyone. 


In Jesus' Name, I bid you peace.

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