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Who was the true beloved disciple of Jesus?

who is the true beloved disciple? Dr Gary Pangan answers with more detailed information @ Garypangan.com Tradition interpretations are not able to justify John as the beloved disciple anymore. The complete Scriptural research from the original manuscripts uncovers the true legitimate evidences. We are not little children anymore, who listens to folk tales. Let's get serious about the word of God, rightly dividing the word of truth. Judas was the true disciple whom Jesus loved. Investigate and learn the truth. Never settle for less.

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God is merely a fictional character in a folk tale. Invented by men for self-aggrandizement purposes. Talk about evidences is nonsense, it's faith and ficton.

Atheists run brothels and sell little kids illegal drugs.

God loves us all equally.  Those who walk out on Him and all of His wisdom also walk out on their hope of salvation.  Be we fundamentalist Christians, orthodox Jews, or mystics like me, we are still Christians because Christianity is that big and is that accepting.

We all have a calling as what we are.  The only ones who need not apply are those who would abuse Christian faith selfishly.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.

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