How to Troubleshoot the Process Steps for PCB Assembly

A printed circuit board forms an essential part of an integrated circuit. The main benefit of using a PCB to assemble a circuit is that you don’t need to wire each board-mounted component. PCBs have integrated conductive pathways, typically copper strips on the base, which conduct the current between the various resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors. For this reason, PCBs are particularly suitable for self-assembly kits, such as guitar effects pedals. I’m having the trouble on with the assembly process, somebody give exactly ideas?pcb assemblypcb assembly

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Some ideas may give a little help for you:

1?Set your multimeter to “Resistance.”

2?Place the meter lead between the first and second component on the board. The first component is typically the one closest to where the power supply wire is connected to the board.

3?Note the reading. If that part is good, the reading will be within a five percent tolerance range of the advertised value. PCB components typically have the value printed on the side. For example, resistors have their value in ohms printed on the side. If the reading is outside this tolerance range, remove the part and replace with an identical one. If the reading is zero, the part is most likely shorted out.

4?Test the remaining components in the same way. Note that if one component is shorted out, the next component in the chain will most likely give a zero reading too.pcb assembly

5?Disconnect the power supply. If the circuit is battery-powered, remove the battery and leave the battery snap wires intact. If it is mains-powered, melt the solder joint connecting the power supply wire to the board.

6?Unscrew the fully populated circuit board from the base of the circuit enclosure. Circuit boards are typically held in place with circuit board screws, calling for a small Phillips screwdriver.

pcb assembly

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