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I purchased a tree from a landscaper. It was ...


I purchased a tree from a landscaper.  It was planted late in the day.  I did not know it had been planted because it was not planted in the morning when scheduled, I did not hear any water running in the house and I was not told that it had finally been planted.  Later in the morning the next day, as I was leaving for an appointment I saw the tree.  Oh my!  It looked so bad.  Every leaf on it was badly wilted.  It looked dead or like it had been sprayed or something.  Also the tree was not staked.

A couple of hours later when I returned, I put the hose on the base of the tree and turned it on to a slow trickle and left it there for over an hour.  The night it was planted my sprinkler system also ran in that section for 40 minutes.  The tree still looks like it is severly wilted.  Some leaves even look burned on the edges.  They are curled and limp, wilted.

I contacted the landscaper and he said all trees do this when planted.  I have never seen one this bad in my life.  It has been in my yard for nearly 24 hours and looks like it should be put out of its missery.  Will it come back or is it going to die?  Should I demand a refund from the landscaper?

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It's too soon to tell whether it's going to recover.  If it dies, you can ask the landscaper to replace it.  You might start by taking pictures as it appears now.

It takes time to see the good result... Just keep on eye on it and do necessary care. Landscape Houston

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