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Geraldo Rivera said hat slain teenager Trayvon Martin was partially responsible for his death because he was wearing a hoodie. What do you think? Should teens avoid wearing hoodies? Does it ...

look at the ad that shows up above ....'Design Custom Hoodies'....

should he have had on it 'not a gansta', geraldo?......I'm surprised the morons at fox were even covering the story...







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Hoodies R safety gear req'd at construction sites.
Martin wanted 2 look macho like construction pro.
Zimmerman was taught to hate ALL pro's.
Leftists do that routinely.


Fault goes on leftists.
Only they hate proper safety gear.
Despise hard hats, steel toed boots.
Anything that makes life less dangerous.


why do the kids walk the streets at night? does his ma and dad not know what kind of world we live in today? did he not have to go to bed to go on a job the next day.

same question for both families...stay at home and get a job!!  always always racisim..satan depends on it to fill his pit....

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