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What is your opinion on tourism in India? Is it safe?

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Ya Obviously it is safe . I don't understand why people think India is not safe .

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Well, when I went there, I never felt I was at any kind of risk.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Generally travel to India is safe but there are some places which have some security concerns due to presence of terrorists.The Places which are unsafe are Kashmir but ( Ladakh and Jammu are safe) and some parts north eastern states.

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Why you think so, if anybody misguide you so for your kind information India is safe from the traveling point of view. You can explore all parts on your India travel tours from North to South and East to West.

Yes, tourism in india is safe. But a person is always required to be self alert.

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ya it is very safe... india in tourism got first position because india is incredible tourism places...

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Hello Molly,
You are welcome to visit www.myindiaexperience.com where I share my experience of 1 year solo backpacking through remote rural villages and towns across India. Actually, the smaller the budget, the more you blend into the local life. Safe, welcoming and life-changing.

My India: Where every village is home - Experience !


its atotally safe tourism country. where do yu reside. try tu visit india and enjoy the good food, places etc in new delhi etc.

more detailsa b ut this destination go t


find good hotel in INDIA.



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