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Can i travel on german visa to protugal or schengen

can i travel on german visa to protugal or schengen


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If you have a valid Schengen visa the you can travel to both Germany and Portugal.

I am a Filipina who is currently in the UK under a Visit (Tourist) UK visa, multiple entry, valid for 2 years. My British boyfriend and his parents surprised me with holiday in Portugal (with all 5 star hotel confirmed booking for a week and roundtrip plane tickets from London to Faro). In visiting Europe, you need a UK visa if you plan to enter the UK (it only involves the following countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and you need a SCHENGEN visa also if you plan to travel all other European union states not covered by the UK visa (example: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc). So if you are planning a European tour which involves you flying or transferring from one country to another in Europe make sure you have both. Getting a UK visa in the Philippines is not a problem as long as you have the complete requirements and you can prove you are financially stable enough to support your trips in your stay there, and that you have a roundtrip confirmed ticket that proves you are going there and leaving their country. If you can't prove you are going to leave the UK, they would not grant you a visa no matter how much money you have in your bank account. Processing time is 21 working days. For the SCHENGEN visa, if you only plan to visit one country in the Europe, you would apply directly to the embassy of that country. If you are planning to visit multiple Schengen states, you need to apply to the embassy of the country that you are going to enter first. Processing time is 21 to 30 working days. However, if the Schengen state of your first point of entry does not have an embassy in the Philippines, you have to contact the embassy of that state in the country that has jurisdiction over your country. As an example, a Filipino going to Portugal should apply to the Portugese embassy. But the Portugese embassy in the Philippines was closed in 2007. So a citizen or legal resident of the Philippines should apply in the Portugese embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. I could not get a tourist visa for any Schengen state here in the UK since I only have a visit (tourist) visa which allowed me to enter the UK. Unless, my visa is a resident visa, working permit visa or student visa, the Portugese embassy in London cannot accept my application. I have to apply to the Portugal embassy in Jakarta. The following are their contact numbers: Telephone number +62 21 319 080 30; Fax number + 62 21 319 080 31. Their website is www.embassyportugaljakarta.or.id and the official email address posted in their website is porembjak@cbn.net.id or embaixadaportugaljacarta@hotmail.com. The website only contains the requirements for visa application but does not tell you the specific steps or contact person to deal with your application. I tried getting in touch to both email addresses that they gave us but it doesn't work. I have to make an international call to Jakarta to speak to the person who helped me get through this nightmare. The only employee from the Portugese embassy in Jakarta who was informative was Mr. Wimala Dewata and his email address (which is the only functional one) is wdewata@jakarta.dgaccp.pt and he will facilitate your visa application to Portugal if you are a Filipino. The same requirements apply to us, download the form and procure all the original requirements and have a photocopy of each and send them together with your passport (with validity of more than 6 months from the date of your travel) using the service of DHL (because they use DHL as their courier) to the address below: Embassy of Portugal Consulate or Visa Section Jalan Indramayu 2A Jakarta pusat 10310 Republik Indonesia Then email Mr. Wimala Dewata for the instructions for payment. He provided me the exact amount of the visa fee and the DHL fee when they return your passport and original requirements to your home address. Remember they only accept payment by INTERNATIONAL FUND TRANSFER. And you have to specify that your bank would pay their bank in Indonesian rupias (not in your country’s currency). So you need an international bank that uses or trade with Indonesian money. I have a hard time looking for them since even Barclay’s in England don’t use Indonesian rupias in trading, so they won’t be able to pay the portugese embassy in Jakarta in Indonesian money. Luckily by boyfiend has an account in HSBC. You have to have an existing bank account with them to avail of their fund transfer. And not all banks could help you with this. So we had HSBC trade the GBP to the exact amount of Indonesia rupias that Mr. Dewata specified. If your bank does not send the exact amount they would not process you visa, you would have to pay again and wait 2 weeks to refund your first payment. We have to pay HSBC charges for doing bank transfer (30 GBP) and remember that you will also be paying the charges that their bank in the Jakarta would ask for receiving your fund transfer. So make sure you have more than enough money or your payment will be rejected and you will have to repeat it. Clearing time for the bank transaction is dependent on your bank. Luckily HSBC only requires 4 working days. It means that it takes 4 working days for their bank in Jakarta to receive the money you have sent them from your bank account. The following are the bank details of the Portugal embassy in Jakarta: Name of the account: Embassy of Portugal-A3-Outras Receitas Number of the account: 306 0614 0228 Name of the Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Address: Wisma Standard Chartered Bank, Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav.33-A, Jakarta 10220 , Indonesia Swift Code: SCBLIDJX The bank order has to explicitly mention that: NO CHARGES APPLY TO BENEFICIARY Please write a brief description in your bank transfer form the purpose of payment. Make sure that the embassy will receive the correct amount of payment to avoid delay. Then send a copy of your bank transfer receipt to the Portugal embassy in Jakarta (fax no 6221 3190 8031). They will process your visa application once they received your requirements, passport and payment. So you have to wait until they inform you and you receive your passport and your original requirements back. It is so difficult for us Filipinos to travel the world. I always thought I would forever remain as a Filipino. But due to these problems I encountered when travelling the world, I can’t wait to have my dual citizenship. Haha!

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