Do You Need BTA to leave Nigeria

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BTA In Nigeria, BTA is Basic travel allowance, correct.

BTA (or some of it, to a max of $2,500) is the amount the Fed govt allows an individual to carry when departing the country without having to declare it at customs.

I think the max BTA now is $2,500/quarter i.e every 4 months.

This currency restriction is part of govt's efforts at preventing illegal transfers of money, laundering, capital flight etc.

To purchase BTA, you are required to bring to the issuing bank:
1. valid int'l passport with a travel visa.
2. airline ticket
3. cash in the local currency to be converted to int'l currency of your choice (usually traveler's cheque, not always though)

Usually that is only an issue at the time of filing (proof of funds for visit/study) for a visa at the embassy of the country you intend to visit!
That said, Nigerian airport officials tend to be arbitrary.

Could be a scam, but I always first give people the benefit of the doubt. If you are concerned about an American going back to the USA, he should know what to do. Otherwise there is the US Embassy in Nigeria to help out Americans. No need for you to worry about a thing or loose any money. Just do NOT send any money to Nigeria! Just sit back and relax.

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