Do I need to get a passport to go to Hawaii? I live in Louisville Ky.

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Just as everyone else said, you don't need a passport if you are American traveling to Hawaii. However, it's always a good idea to have a passport. You never know when you may want to tour outside the US and it takes some time to actually get the passport.

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No.  Hawaii and Alaska are the 49th and 50th states.  They are a part of the United States just like California and Florida are.  If you are an American, you do not need a passport to fly anywhere within the United States.  If you are not American, however, you need a passport to fly anywhere within the States. 

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Because Hawaii is part of the USA all you need is a driver's license or some other form of valid ID, but a passport isn't neccessary.

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Wrong. If you're non-American, as long as flight is within 48 continental states you don't need passport if you have Drivel License or State Issued ID. I did it.

I don't know though if non-Americans need passports to fly to Alaska and Hawaii or it's enough to have DL like with other 48 states. That's my question. 

Not if you are a US citizen but its always a good idea to take it with you anyway

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Hi, this is David. Not you don't need a pass port for Hawaii because you are from USA and Hawaii is a US state. Hope  I helped you and happy travels because it is a beautiful Island. Watts Paradise Vacations, LLC

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Do I need to get a passport to go to Hawaii? I live in Louisville Ky.

I live in Akron Ohio and I would like to become a travel agent. Do you know where I can take classes?

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