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Appears to be a scam to me.  To many loop holes in the paper work that has to be sent in to receive your reward.  Who is the check to be made out to for the taxes and fees that have to be paid?  What is the correct days you have to send in your paperwork, is it 21 or 30 days?  If all Terms and Conditions are not met according to them and your paperwork becomes void, do they keep the money or do you get it back?  How come there is no phone number to call and seek info?  Just a few reasons it appears to be a scam.

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We went to their seminar and had the same experience.  They said they had an office in Palm Beach, Florida but the address they want you to send the free cruise and other gift vouchers to along with a U.S. Postal Money Order (only form of payment required) via Certified Mail is actually a UPS Store Location.  931 Village Boulevard, Ste. 905, West Palm Beach, FL is a UPS STORE!  Therefore it seems they are only renting a mail box there!!  BEWARE!! 

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