What is the Hebrew translation for Fire, and the ...

What is the Hebrew translation for Fire, and the traditional Hebrew spelling. I'd also like to know the translations and spellings of Spiritual, Sexual, Emotional and Physical in the traditional Hebrew spelling.....the letter symbols of those words to be specific.

Thank you.

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I'll give you the word, the Hebrew word, and the way you read it:
Fire = אש  = pronounced: Esh.
Spiritual = רוחני = pronounced: Ru-ja-ni (J like in spanish: e.g Juan).
Sexual = מיני = Pronounced: Mi-ni.
Emotional = רגשי = pronounced: Rig-shi
Physical = פיזי or חומרי = pronounced: Phi-zee and Jom-ri (again the J like in Spanish, e.g Juan). 
Best regards,


Love is the battery of life....

Great job OronD, Hebrew writing seems difficult to read.  How do you say How are you in Hebrew?


Be honest and be true to yourself.

Hi Dogbreeder,
How are you in Hebrew is: מה שלומך - Ma Sh-lom-Ja (for a male) and Ma Sh-lo-mej (for a female)  Ma = what   the other word comes from the word "shalom" that you sure know so it like asking how is your shalom ? (shalom means peace but also has deeper meening of: Whole (as opposed to broken) and sure.....  so it is asking "how are you" in a sence of physical, emothinal, spiritual, belief......  as a whole......   The J is like J in Spanish e.g: Juan. 
Best personal regards (enjoy the rest of your weekend.....).

P.S: Hebrew is easy.... it only looks difficult....  chineese looks difficult too, still more than 1 billion people find it easy and simple..... (same applies to all languages).

Love is the battery of life....

ארלשלילרימ what does this mean?

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