Discuss Reverend Cooper's answer to: Should Transgenders compete in beauty contests?

23-year-old Miss Universe Canada finalist was disqualified from the competition after it was discovered she had undergone sexual reassignment surgery Do you think Transponders should be allowed to ...

The Bible says they are worthy of death.  This needs to be made into our law of the land!


1 Cor 14:35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
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Anonymous Comment

"Reverend" Cooper (I doubt the authenticity of your claimed ordination) where is it in the New Testament that what you claim is true? 


I have seen others place you in discredit as apostate, and the work of a highly neurotic atheist named Physicalist therefore nothing you say is important.


Atheists will always boast that they suffer the least intelligent  form of bigotry, with the possible exception of radical Islam.  In any case, atheists are the most self-righteous of all mindless hypocrites.


Only an atheist could make such a ridiculous misstatement in order to profit financially from the illegal activities of criminal gangs controlled by atheism.  That includes all the gang violence that we see because atheists control all street gangs.  Only atheists are stupid enough to buy your racist bitterness.  That is why no atheist gets past middle school without resorting to whoredom, proving that all atheiswts are pure sleaze and worthless bigots.


It is not the first time this obnoxious and unintelligent cult has done this.


Either atheism or radical Islam is an insult to one's intelligence.

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

It is so in Islamic nations.  Obvously, "Cooper" is a Muslim flying false colors.

Reverend Cooper

"where is it in the New Testament that what you claim is true? "

Romans chapter 1

Tweekey Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

cooper is wrong
there is no such verse
there is in islam but islam is violent evil and not at all artistic
ok, you'd whip me to shreds and then murder me
for taking part in quality art works
but islam is a whore religion into gays lies and bigotry
not into art, painting, sculpture or writing


cooper has been caught in another muslim lie
just like all the others
shoot me as an adulteress because i won't pose for muslim kiddie porn
i don't care because i did what i could to make the planet more lovely


that will put me in Heaven where you muslims can not go


rocmikes can any of your aliases post without using the words atheists, muslims, leftists, racists, hitler or jeremiah wright?

Pax Aeternum Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Obviously this "cooper" fraud is a false prophet.  Randy priest might be a better term because he is apostate and damned.


Atheists do that because they are stupid enough not to think we'll figure them out instantly.  Atheists and leftists really are dense but are they THAT far gone?  I begin to think that they are, the rotten bunch of liars.


Pax Aeternum


give it a break rocmike

Tweekey Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

pax, edicous is a stalker and a rapist
so is dfrogpong
it might be the same pervert and stalker always spreading racist hate


rocmike give it a break

Dennis Newman Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

It looks to me like this Cooper creep is a randy priest.  If he wants to put people to death for violating his self made religion that God didn't say, then fine, let him get the first stone before the trannys get hit.


Cooper has to be another screen name for dfrogpong.  Once again, let me say from the heart, Akai pipi!

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