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Trane vs York vs Carrier etc. Is there a big difference?

I have a York. I hear a lot of folks prefer Trane or Carrier. They are all big name brands, why does everyone seem to swear by some specific brand? Aren't they all pretty much the same?

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I believe the installation and service are more important than the brand of air conditioner.  If it isn't installed correctly or service isn't good the product will fail early.  the brand of AC is like the battle between Ford and Chev or Bud and Miller.  Both good products, just personal preference.  I have several properties and two of them have Trane's.  I've also had good luck with Carrier.  So, I'd look at the service company first, then price and guarantee, then consider what firends may have told you.

I personal as a HVAC mechanic the only differents i see is the price, plus when you need to replace a part you have to go through them, I perfer luxaire myself It good quaulty and cheaper than trane, york and Carrier. I never had a complaint from any of my customers in the last 10 yrs since i went with luxaire

Trane is by far the best brand,York is also great  i do not like carrier  by the way,Luxaire and Coleman  are made by York so they are both excellent units. 

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