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What are common traits of successful people?

Thanks for the question.  While there are thousands of books, articles, and sites on the subject; perhaps a personal touch and a short story will help.  As for me, I started in the slums of Boston, an illegitimate child from a weathy family, that had me declared dead on arrival to the mother by the grandmother.  I was un-adoptable and became a ward of the state. I moved from family to family, and abuse and abuse, had servere malnutrition and near died age 5-6. I went into the Navy at age 17, with an 8th grade education.  Met the mother 42 years later.


1. God didn't put us on earth to be mediocre.

2. God doesn't owe us anything.

3. Take your given gifts and strive to improve on them

4. Intregrety, honesty, attitude and passion are everything

5. If you are not happy with you situation, make a change

6.  Read, read and read.  If you want to know something and 1 book doesn't help you understand, read another and another on the same subject.  Become the expert on the subject.  I learned this at age 18 or 19 when I became one of the Navy's youngest instructors teaching as subject that I never understood.

7. Learn from the bottom up, started age 8 created income opportunities to take care of myself.  I see things as a circle - I want to know what everyone else in my circle  is doing and how they can screw me up if they do not do it.  I hired people the same way - what part of my circle can this person fill, are they adding value to me and my organization.

8.  Look back long enough to remember from where you came and the lessons that you have learned along the way

9.  Listen to others, learn from others, follow success people.  Adapt the lessons learned to your own value system.  see above

10.  Follow the money

11.  Multiple yourself by helping others accomplish their goals and objectives

Well I could go on but you get the picture, I believe. 


Btw: I do not read other's motivational books and strategies.  But I had one recommendation, It would probably be the "power of postive thinking" sorry the authors names escapes me - maybe it is Norman Vincent Peal

Be your own man, not what someone wants to your be. Don't be a Yes man.

Yes I have been in trouble, but most of the time I am in the Top of the Class.

Best to you







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