Training a five month old min pin

How difficult will it be to potty train a min pin at 5 months old?  Also obedience train? SHAY

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I have two dogs, but not min. pin.  However, I sometimes visit the following site for guidance and obedience traning advice.

Also, to answer your first question.  I do believe that with time and patience, I KNOW it will not be difficult to potty train your pooch.

I'll search, while you wait.

It's definitely possible to train any puppy; the most important thing to remember is consistency and patience. I have two 3-year-old chihuahuas that I trained to go outside as well as use designated mats inside the house. It helps to take your puppy out every couple hours to teach him/her outside is where you prefer him/her to go to the bathroom. But there is the occasional rainy day that your puppy will not want to go out, so it's ok to let him/her use the mat.

Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about.

As with training any puppy, the most important things to do are:-

Make clear rules for behavior and stick to them.Your puppy wants to please you, it's up to you to show him exactly what you want and expect.

Be patient and consistent. Puppies have short attention spans and learn through association. He needs to build up an understanding of the behavior pattern you want. Your pup will make a mistake, or challenge you from time to time, but that's normal. Correct firmly but kindly and move on.


Only use positive reinforcement when training. Treats, praise or toys are great motivators. Never shout or punish physically or you'll only make the puppy afraid or rebellious. Neither of those states of mind are conducive to effective training!


For the potty training aspect, you're absolutely best bet is to use a crate. At 5 months your pup is old enough to have reasonable bladder and bowel control which will make it very straightforward. Dogs are den animals, and they will try very hard not to mess where they sleep, which is why crate training is so effective. You'll need to get a crate that isn't too big (just big enough for him to stand up, turn around and lie down without touching the sides), or he'll make room for a sleeping spot and a potty spot!


Be sure to supervise your pup  very closely when he's got free run of the house and learn to recognize his body language or cues that tell you he needs to 'go'. Give plenty of one on one time to balance the time spent in the crate. When your pup is crated, be sure to take him out every couple of hours to potty, and always take him to the same area and repeat a 'trigger word' such as "good potty" or something similar as he'll eventually learn to associate this with the act of elimination. Very useful when he's older!


When your doing any kind of training with a slightly older pup it may take a little longer than with a 10 or 12 week old as he probably has already learned some bad habits and wrong associations (such as the living room rug is my potty spot etc.). But time, patience and consistency will overcome these. Best of luck! 


You can find a ton of free information, tips and advice about all aspects of raising and training your puppy at this url  

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="" class="comlink">The Puppy Dog Place</a>

I have a 5 month old MinPin too, I tried crate training for 4 days and read every book about it.  She HATED it, it did not work for us.  She would immediatley pee and poop in her crate when I locked it, she also cried hysterically. 

 I decided to forget crate training.  It is cold where I live, so I chose to papertrain her.  It has been wonderful.  In less than 2 weeks, she is pretty much potty trained.  I placed puppypads all over the laundry room floor and one in a litter box, which is also in the laundry room.  Every morning when she wakes up I take her there and she uses them, I praise her.  I took off work for a week and followed her around waiting for the potty signs, then I would pick her up and take her to the laundry room, I would praise her when the deed was done and when she would go on her own I would praise her and give her a treat.  She has had a couple of accidents, but usually rigth after she plays really hard and does not make it to the laundry room, where the papers are. 

 Now that I am back to work, I leave her loose in the house, shutting all doors to the bedrooms and putting away anything that she could swallow.  I come home and the presents are all in the laundry room on the papers.  She is really good and has learned fast.  I never punish her for accidents unless I catch her and I firmly say no and pick her up while peeing or pooping, allowing her to finish in the laundry room when I set her down.


Obeidence is yet to come.  She does not come when called, she sometimes will sit for a treat, and she tries to get on the end tables when I am not looking. 

Thank-you. Finally someone who understands our Min Pins. They do not like the crate and are quite impish. They are also impossible not to adore and they really do want to please us. They are very intelligent, but so playful and impish, it makes it hard to train them. We have a 7 month old, in Oregon, so he has potty pads and potty boxes in several places. But just when we think we have it, he digresses. Thank-you for the idea of just taking a week off of work and making potty training my only focus that week. That just may work. We have sitting and coming down very well because he totally understands the word 'cookie' (little dog treat) :). Thanks again for the advice.

My family has 3 min-pins. Very hard to train. My 5 yr old Coco still poops in the house. Not on a regular basis though. She has a doggie door but she won't use it to go outside if the weather in bad. She also uses a wee wee pad at night. Can't train her to do tricks. They are very amusing but definately not your run of the mill breed. More like cats.

I just got a 5 month old Min Pin from the SPCA a week ago and he is adorable. I purchased the smallest crate and have had excellent results with the training. He will wake up in the middle of the night to go outside but will go right back into his crate after going outside. Potty training is still on going but as long as I keep my eye on him he does pretty well, but turn your back for two secs and I have a accident to clean up and he knows he was wrong because as soon as I say his name he goes to the door. My two cats were wayyyyyyyy easier !!!

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