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What does traffic management mean

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The control of traffic.

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Yes. It really is the control of traffic. You may hire a firm to do your traffic management and they take charge of creating all your needed campaigns and SEO strategies. Execute a work plan to develop and deliver the needed web traffic to your site.

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Just to give you a quick note on the meaning of traffic management. 1st you would really need to learn how to drive some traffic to you site.

Keyword research is a very important part of getting your traffic to yours, either by adwords, ppc advertising or my favorite, FREE Traffic.

Now as far as managing your traffic you will need to monitor all your site traffic, I recommend google tracking system.

identify and examine all your web traffic methods to how visitors are getting to your website and what information they are viewing.

Controlling and managing your links to and from other website and locating any linking errors that may affect visibility on search engines

Regular monitoring of your SEO  ranking positions on all the major search engines


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TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT is the management of the the flow to achieve the optimal flow in a defined manner. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT [ ROAD TRAFFIC ] Traffic Management ? The combination of semi-automated control of traffic signs and signals, application of demand management techniques, and traffic information and advisories to achieve an optimal traffic flow throughout a defined management area (both urban and inter-urban). The state of the art in transportation engineering has advanced dramatically over the last decade, and the application of new and more flexible traffic control devices, software systems, computer hardware, communications and surveillance technologies, and analysis methods has become commonplace. Many metropolitan areas have created traffic management centers (TMC) with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, traffic and weather sensors, electronic variable message signs (VMS), traffic signals, and ramp meters to monitor and manage traffic flow on streets and freeways. And as information is received at the TMC, travelers are informed of problems via radio, television, the Internet, and VMS along the roadways. ================================== TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT IN WAREHOUSE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT [ with the support of DISTRIBUTION MANAGER] -Provides analytical and logistical transportation support for the organisation business operation. Negotiates carrier contracts and maintains systemwide routing. Negotiates price and service issues for all modes of transportation. Determines the appropriate transportation mode to be utilized. Develops, maintains, and disseminates logistical control data. ================================================ TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT IN ADVERTISING AGENCY TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT The traffic department regulates the flow of work in the agency. It is typically headed by a traffic manager (or system administrator). Traffic increases an agency's efficiency and profitability through the reduction of false job starts, inappropriate job initiation, incomplete information sharing, over- and under-cost estimation, and the need for media extensions. In small agencies without a dedicated traffic manager, one employee may be responsible for managing workflow, gathering cost estimates and answering the phone, for example. Large agencies may have a traffic department of ten or more employees -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Need more context. What industry are you using the term in connection with?  In terms of project management, workflow management, etc...  traffic management is the process of assigning activities to achieve optimal production (loose definition).  In terms of city planning, it has quite a different definition. In terms of SEO, yet another...  

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It defines you to quantify exactly how your network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose.It Identifies which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most network bandwidth and highlights the IP addresses of the top talkers on the network.
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