Traditional Symbols/Characters for Integrity and for Protection

Are there traditional/cultural symbols or characters for Integrity and for Protection/Safety?

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Maybe use this one:


Chinese Pinyin: zheng4 zhi2

Protection : there are several symbols:


 · The pentagram or pentacle  : against evil
 plaited sign to denote success and protection against evil forces. It is found on a Sumerian seal and on a picture stone found in Gotland, Sweden, dating from the early part of the Viking era.

This is is an example of several similar structures that some centuries ago were drawn on barns and houses to pacify evil powers, ward off misfortune and bring good fortune. This version has also been used as a protection against lightning.
It is  a sign of protection associated with security and safety. 2272, for example, indicates emergency exits and storage spaces for safety equipment. 
The fivepointed star without crossing lines is one of the most common and important Western ideograms. It is used in the flags of some 35 countries, both Western and Eastern. Its first appearance on a national flag is believed to have been in 1777, when the United States of America declared itself an independent country.
    This star is also the most widely used military symbol and is found on the tanks and fighter jets of all the superpowers, as well as in the armed forces of all other countries on officers and petty officers' uniforms. It is, in this particular use, related to 2822 in this group, and to 2713, the sign for the planet Venus as the Morning star and the goddess of war. For nearly all armed forces on this planet the golden fivepointed star without crossing lines is the symbol par preference of military rank and power.


Is there a korean symbol/character for integrity?  I am korean and would not want to get a chinese or japanese character tattooed on me.-


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