The Trade Deals are redistributing the wealth of the US middle class over to China.

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Barack Obama Is NO Abraham Lincoln!

Obatso is from Kenya. They have open market slavery there and Obatso wants to split the nation so he can do that here too. The only people that like Obatso are racists and hate mongers any way so that settled the whole mess, huh? Only racists vote for Obatso, cause they are stupid and evil. That ...

$250,000...200,000...150,000...120,000, Lies! Lies! Lies!

Maybe he did, he's human. Unless you make over $200, 000.00 per year, you still should not be crying. Be Blessed.

Two Theives? One Goes To Jail,One Becomes President?

Most days I am. Other days I want to be Queen or Empress :D

How Does The Middle Class Feel, More Obama's Campaign Promises Broken

Thanks for your input , He defintely has got to make things good , If he wants something good to happen for his re-election.. His theory was to raise taxes on the rich and lower taxes on the poor But to raise taxes on the poor for better health care ,just doesn't ...