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Is Tracy Martin's girl friend white?

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I've been wondering that, too. It seems like even more than in most notorious cases, which tend to be tried in the court of public opinion, this one seems to be one in which, from the very beginning, both sides have used the media as a weapon. I'm not sure how the case first came to light. But we are beginning to know questionable features about everyone involved. Hence, it is interesting why no one knows anything about the girlfriend. Perhaps the fear, if she is white, is that it will make Trayvon's father look bad, or call into question the whole allegation that is was a racial incident. However, I lived in Sanford for a time and though I saw some happy mixed couples, I think for the most part that was steered clear of. Which makes one wonder what is it about the girlfriend that would have to be hidden, if it is. Perhaps it is something such as that she was the person behind publicizing of the case in the first place.

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