I ran the 100 yard dash in 9.3 seconds. How fast would the time be for the 100 meter dash?

I ran the 100 yard dash in 9.3 seconds.  How fast would the time be for the 100 meter dash?

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Don, I believe the conversion would be to add .85 seconds for the additional yardage equaling 100 meters. Which would be an estimated 10.15 seconds for the 100 meters. I got the conversion from Vince O'Boyle, then track coach at Citrus College in Azusa, CA., many years ago.

HI Don,

Here are some calculations to answer you: 

1 meter = 1.094 yards  then 100 meters = 109.4 yards. So if you ran the 100 yards dash in 9.3 seconds then you ran .093 seconds per yard.                 Multiply .093 seconds X 109.4 yards = 10.17 seconds  You would run 100 meters in 10.17 seconds. Hope this answers your question. 

First of all - You did not run it 9.3 cause the world record is set at 9.2 ! As far as Bride's Mother formula it's incorrect. You are not running at the same pace all along the 100 Yards. You start up slower and end faster. As an example, your 1st 20 yards you might be averaging .1 seconds/yard if not more because of the slow start while your last 20 you might be jamming at sub .08seconds/yard. The exact amount can not be calculated because it depends on the individual style of runners.

Dear Ol Yerbarmate,

9.2 is not the world record...unless your locked in a time warp from the 1960's...9.0 would be the record set by Ivory Crockett in 1974...And none of these suggestions of what the guy who ran a 9.3 are accurate.  You are still accelerating at the 100 yard mark. In essence you cannot say that there would be an average because the average is going down.  This is why track coaches tell runners to run through the tape and not stretch out, as it slows down your rate of speed.

9.3 is a wonderful time.  I ran a 9.5 in college and between both our times was the awesome Jesse Owens at 9.4.

For the record....I still believe Flo Jo was on steroids when she ran her races but that's another whole area;-)


Firstdance...stick to dancing pal. As I stated before the Official Word Record was set by Frank Budd in 1962 @ 9.2 ! Crockett's record of 9.0 in 1974 was manualy timed and was not an official world record....but at least it was at an official sanctioned meet. Even if one world class runner once managed to pull off a 9.0 or a 9.2, you guys want to tell me you pulled off a 9.3 or a 9.5? Moreover, you guys are comparing yourselves to greats like Jesse Ownes. Please keep these stories for your grandkids to believe. Man if you guys were as good as you say...then stop all the bragging and head to Bejjing! :)

I'm going to assume that your "9.3" was a manually clocked time.  With that in mind, then your 9.3 100 yard dash time would probably be 10.2 seconds (manual).  If your 100m Dash time was clocked by a Fully Automatic Timing system, your 10.2 100m Dash would be officially clocked somwhere in the 10.41-10.44 range.

If your 9.3 was clocked on an FAT system, then your name is either Chris Garpenborg, Houston McTear or Linford Christie, in which case your 100m Dash PR's are 10.16 if you are Houston McTear, 10.39 if you are Chris Garpenborg (as best I can tell), and 9.87 if you are Linford Christie.

Just for the sake of correcting misinformed statments, the human body cannot continue accelerating beyond 60 meters.  Even Usain Bolt no longer accelerates after 60 meters, he just decellerates better than everyone else.  Nobody continues to accelerate when running full go for a full 100 meters or 100 yards.

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