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Toyota rear brakes

is there a outside port to reach the star wheel adjuster on 1995 toyota

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Yes, Toyota's are still reliable after all the problems. Cars like Toyota Prado , Toyota Tarago are very good range of cars and very efficient also...

1985 honda 125 atc 3 wheeler rear brake shoes replacement

I believe these drums have some "Threaded Holes" in them into which U screw "Evenly" some bolts to "Push" against the "Hub" removing the drums. Spray some "Liquid Wrench" on them as well. John

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Most bikes have the same mechanism I hope this site is helpful: http://www.bikewebsite.com/bicycle-bra.htm http://www.expertvillage.com/video/71262_bike-repair-brake-cables.htm http://www.revver.com/video/170705/brake-pad-maintenance-video/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te5 ...

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bleed the backs first...then the fronts my method I do 2 people, one in car, one at the hub person at hub yells "down" and person inside presses brake and holds it... you open the bleeder for a second then close it yell "up" person inside releases brake yell "down" repeat process a dozen times ...