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My girlfriend's husband works for Toyota in Las Vegas, he sells parts cheap Under the table and cash only Call and ask for Beto 702-457-2000

isn't  he the one that his wife is dragging him through bankruptcy court  after him working all those  years and his wife didn't pay the bills instead shopping for cheap crap.  sitting on  a computer all day not doing a darn thing. i think that is the one you  are talking about.  i kind of feel sorry for the man. i know at one time he looked healthy but someone commented on a board he had lost so much weight. his crazy  blacked eyed  wife said he had exercised. instead we find out it is all worry and stress knowing the used trailer he had paid on for years was going  down the drain. how sad that is. isn't she the one that cps has been told her new address. i know they have been out there before. is she still your girlfriend?   you know the last boyfriend she had she got bit in the (censored ) and everyone had a big laugh.

as a friend to her did you ever talk to her privately about her severe problem  her eyes.  There is not a lot one can do over worry and stress especially everybody finding out through court documents the truth about her.Cool

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