How can I get in touch with a Loan Shark in TEXAS ?

How can I get in Contact with a "LOAN SHARK" ? (here in Texas)

If you are not a Loan Shark or Someone who knows how to put me in touch with one.......Don't bother me with your smart remarks or "GOOD ADVICE"

I "ONLY" need a Loan from a Loan Shark or an individual willing to loan me $20,000.00   This week  !!!!!1

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Just go looking for a big, bad looking dude with jewelry who looks like he can and will beat the hell out of you when you are late with the payments when the balance doubles weekly. Wisdom comes from Study, Travel & Life experiences! MY YEDDA CONCEPT IS: Good questions deserve good answers; Poor ones deserve a quick/poor answer. Dumb or silly, deserves same ... and the occasional but inevitable Idiots are best just ignored.

Go Online and search for person to person loans. is a legitimate website that lets you connect with people who are in need of loans and also those who will give you a loan.

Put an ad in a major news paper. Some loan sharks frequently scan the papers to get customers. Try to stick to only one or two ads. You might not find a loan shark but you may find someone who knows a loan shark.

Since, there are many loan sharks who are not licensed so before dealing with loan sharks it is advisable that you understand. You can always try checking the updated list with Office of Fair Trading  looking for licensed loan sharks.


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A loan shark would be a BAD idea-!! A loan shark would know that you are "in trouble" and need the money very badly. As a result, this person would charge you a very high interest rate. Please consider contacting a credit counseling agency before you try and deal with any loan shark. The counseling agency would be there to help you, and not take advantage of you with extreme interest rates because they know that you are so desperate for immediate funds.

Think it over again.

loan sharks are illegal lenders, you have to avoid it But, what if you have already borrowed money from a loan shark? What should you do? The first thing you should do is to contact the local agency tasked to regulate money lenders and report the transaction you have made with a loan shark. This government agency will surely help you in dealing with both the loan and the lender. Also, you need to be informed that you are never obligated to repay a bad credit loan to illegal lenders.

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You can find them in the internet. Find online and you will get loan from them. There are so many loan sharks who provides loan and never ask bout any eligibility criteria.

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Take a cheaper payday loan. I've found that there are many online calculators and is a good source of information you are looking for. This is where the lenders get information on a need for a payday loan. You can try their calculator and the list of lenders. 

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