Toshiba Qosmio X505 Q887 VS Asus G51JX-A1 VS Acer Aspire AS8943G-6190

So I have been searching and searching the market for about 3 weeks now for a decent laptop with a decent price. I've finally reached a conclusion of 1 of these 3 laptops. But since I'll be paying 1500$ for a laptop I'm expecting it to work great with no bug/software/hardware issues. I know I'm being a bit naive there but c'mon, I'd deserve that spending all that money!!!
Now why don't we put these 3 laptops head to head and let the competition begin.

When it comes to the processor the Acer and the Asus share common grounds with the i7 720QM but the Qosmio advances a bit there with the i7 740QM.

But with the rams on the other hand the Qosmio and Acer share the same 4GB while the Asus advances with 6GB

Well I guess all those comparisons won't really make a difference in speed and power, so here comes the real comparisons:

Display: The Asus has a 15.6' (1920x1080) Full HD LED display and so does the Acer but on a 18.4' screen. However the Qosmio has a 18.4' (1680x945) Full HD LCD display which is a real bummer especially because its weird resolution. But I guess the 18.4's would be much better for watching movies and playing games.

Hard Drive: The 3 laptops have a 500GB Hard Drive at 7,200 RPM except the Acer which is only at 5,400RPM. I really see that as a deal-breaker for Acer since it would really slow me down alot!! I wonder if I could customize it and get a 7200 one??

GPU: And this really is a huge factor for me since I really am a gamer plus I work with Photoshop and Maya. The Asus and the Qosmio share the Geforce 360 GTS which is a pretty decent graphics card but the Acer advances a bit with the Radeon HD 5850.

Both the Qosmio and the Acer have Blue-ray but the Asus doesn't but that really isn't big issue for me.

When it comes to the media buttons both the Acer and Qosmio have them, but I've read alot of reviews saying that the Qosmio buttons on the left can get in the way and it's pretty annoying since it minimizes the screen. Its a flaw for the Asus not to have any.

So for the weight issue I really don't see that as a problem but it also wouldn't be bad to carry around a smaller laptop.

Now for the Major issues for each laptop, which I had to get from about 15 different review sites.
The Qosmio runs really hot and alot of people complain about the cooling error message where they would have to return it back to the manufacturer and replace the CPU, GPU or both.

The Acer has its Wi-Fi problems where almost every review told said that the Wi-Fi would disconnect every 10 minutes and thats just unacceptable.

Though for the Asus they reviews say that it also runs hot but its major issue is for the extremely low sound it offers.

I could go on and on about all their specs and all their pros and cons, but I think you all got the big picture now.

In desperate need of help!! I really can't make my mind on any of these. I would really appreciate any advise or help. Thanks in advance.

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I'm in a similar situation to you and I've been researching specifically the Acer and the Toshiba models, as I want to make the best informed decision before l spend a bunch of money.  

Perhaps we could compare notes? 

First off, this could be a coincidence, but all 3 of these computers are listed at  I am looking at COSTCO for the reasonable prices compared to other sites, the 90 day return policy, and the 2 year warranty offered.  However, if you are not limited to COSTCO, many people like to post various SAGER/CLEVO models and the Asus G73 as other options.    

Here are a few things I have discovered. 

Display –

Acer and Asus are LED backlit, Toshiba is CCFL backlit.  LED backlit in theory is better.  I have read about brightness issues with Qosmio’s with the screen being dim.  I’ve also read that the 1680x945 on the Toshiba could be a better resolution for the GPU to handle and the lower resolution is actually brighter than a Toshiba Qosmio 1920x1080 display.  I would like to have confirmed the number of bulbs used in the Toshiba Q887 model.  I've read that the 1680x945 model uses 2 bulbs which give a brighter display than the 1 bulb used in the 1920x1080 Toshiba models.  I intend to use the computer always indoors, so the brightness is not a big deal to me. 

Hard Drive –

Agree on a minimum 7200 RPM HDD.  

GPU –   

Be aware the HD5850 on the Acer model is using DDR3 RAM as opposed to GDDR5 offered on the Toshiba and the Asus model.  This is a slower RAM and will impact your gaming performance.  It does however offer DirectX11 which the other 2 models do not.   

If you do not know about already, a useful website to check on GPU performance is but make sure you look at DDR3 RAM for benchmarks for the 5850, so you are comparing apples to apples.

Other notes –

The Toshiba has a backlit keyboard; Acer does not, not sure on the Asus.

Asus has a 30 day defective screen pixel warranty.  Other two do not. 

COSTCO website shows both the Acer and the Toshiba models recently price reduced to $1299.00 from $1399.00. Asus model down to $1149.00 with a $100.00 mail in rebate.

I haven’t read about any system killing cooling issues on the X505-Q887 from purchaser reviews on all the various websites I have checked.  I would think a laptop cooler of some sort would be a must buy for any of the three.

I am currently leaning toward the Toshiba model as it seems to offer me the most features for the money with the best processor, GDDR5 GPU Ram, 7200 RPM HDD, Blu-Ray, and a backlit keyboard.  My Blu-Ray  intent is to use the laptop via HDMI plugged into a 1080p big screen HDTV, but the other two are 1080p out of the box.


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