Torn ligament in index finger

I have a moderate tear in the collateral ligament on the outside of my index finger. The doctor I saw said it would take a "very long time to heal", which I can buy, but that I would not like the treatments that he would do. He said that the only things he could do would be to immobilize it or give me shots, but would just leave it alone and if it got to the point that I cannot stand it, call him.  Well, it hurts all the time. I cannot open a water bottle, unlock the door because it is impossible to grasp the key, start my car, etc. There is a big huge knot over the knuckle now and it is only getting bigger.  Of course it is on my right hand. When I did a search, it said that it had to be immobilized to affect any successful healing. They have made me wait now months while they waited to "see if it gets better". GP "waited" before he referred me then the hand doctor gave me the above story. What can be done for it now? Can the injury become worse, tearing further than it is?

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I beleive your best bet would be an injection of cortisone.  Some people discount this couse of treatment, but I personally have seen much success with it.  The doctors you are seeing seem to have thriving practices, thus resulting in waits between visits.  Explain yourself just as you have here and inquire about cortisone shot.  It's not as painful as some would lead you to beleive.


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Thank you No, I appreciate your answer and will contact the doctor again. I beg to differ with you is every bit as painful as some would have you to believe :). My muscles are so screwed up that I have chronic tendonitis in my ankle and up my leg that swells so that it can be easily seen. Truthfully, I have never seen a long term difference in the healing of whatever tendon, ligament, etc. they are treating.  It mostly just eases my general muscle pain. take care.

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Are you referring to the cortisone shot or the pain in general?  I have to assume you refer to the shot and have had one.  I know firsthand, what chronic pain is.  I only recommended the cortisone in case you hadn't tried.  I empathize with your condition.  But don't "scare" people away from cortisone, as I have seen it work and is a definitive alternative to starting a narcotic pain regimen.  It also sounds as though anti-inflammatories could provide some relief.  You are correct in that tendons, ligaments etc.. are slow to heal.  Especially when they are in a part of the body that requires frequent use.  Good Luck.  I wish you well.


Photographic memory when I remember to take lens cover off!

Thanks No,  I was trying to explain that I had a chronic condition so that the understanding would be that there were other reasons that it did not work for me, just as there is an underlying reason that I keep having the problems with tendons in general.  I know many that have gotten only one shot and that brief respite from inflamation is enough to allow their injury to heal.  Unfortunately, I cannot heal quickly so do  not have that level of success, I think.  And you are right, I have had many cortisone shots and the fact that I keep getting them should be an indication that the relief is worth the pain of the shot.     TO ALL can and does work, just did not for me due to other health problems. 

If something looks to good to be true, it probably belongs to someone else.

Hi...I have had the exact same injury. I had surgery to repair the tear 2 years ago but unfortunately the ligament recently snapped completly this time. I had the original injury for 18 months before having the first operation. It did not get better with time or rest. I even had steroid injections that did not work. If you do not get any results then I would ask for a second opinion. Have you had an MRi scan as this will show exactly how bad the tear is? So not just leave it as I know how painful it can be. I have just had to have the ligament repaired again and the joint has also been wired for 6 weeks so that I cannot move my finger or infact use my hand. This will hopefully solve the problem.

Thank you Krusty. I do hope what they have done works for you this time. After months of "lets watch it", I did have an MRI and it showed that the tear was at least half way across the ligament but was not completely severed. As bad as it hurts, I was worried that it would tear further.  Even without all you have had done to yours, I cannot make a fist all the way because my index finger will only go so far. You verified for me what I thought about what I have been cannot just let it heal on its own or it never heals as well as it could or should. Take care and I'm praying this is the last surgery you have to have for this.

If something looks to good to be true, it probably belongs to someone else.

The description of your index finger matches mine exactly. I have seen three different hand surgeons all with different opinions. What is a person to do???I will say two felt immbolizing  the finger was the wrong thing to do. It will atrophy and be even worse. The Doctor I saw today whom treats proffessional football players said that I cannot tear my ligament more. I play competetive tennis and eventually I will have to have surgery to repair the torn ligament but I have peace of mind that I can play without causing more damage. Hope this helps.





I jared or did someting to my finger playing netball, it was painful its now bent at the tip and is sloping down its bruise the doctor says it is a torn or broken bone or ligament!Cry

that means i can't play netball for 6 weeks! or my tornaments! could i play anyway!?

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