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Why does my tooth pain feel like an electrical ...

Why does my tooth pain feel like an electrical shock?  My back molar  has been rebuilt in order to put a cap. Everytime the temporary cap is removed I feel terrible pain like an electrical shock when the tooth is touched. This is the fourth time a new cap has been made as none of them have sat without causing this pain. So again I wait for another cap. Why the pain though? Will I need a root canal after all? My dentist says the nerves are fine!!!

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Get a new dentist asap!  This is not normal and I suspect you do have a root canal in your future.  Ask around for great dentists and then set up an initial consult to meet the dentist and explain the problem and hear what he or she thinks.

The answer to this exact question was posted on June 24 at http://www.anestheticnews.com Why are some of my teeth sensitive when I drink coffee! sounds like the nerves are exposed. If sensitive to hot drinks then you may need a root canal. No need to change your dentist. In any event the dental community is a small one and transferring files, sometime works against you. First thing,  get a good X-ray, one that is readable to see what is happening deep within. Usually sensitivity to cold may mean a bad filling or crown. You can also tell from the odor on the floss after you floss.

cs33ca  M. Sc. PharmD.  www.anestheticnews.com 

cs33ca  M.Sc. PharmD   www://www.anestheticnews.com 

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