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I took communion without being baptized. In this particular congregation I did not know until after the bread and wine were in my hands that the leader of the congregation stated that it is only to be ...

No, it is not a sin. You said you are a believer, and that is what is most important. And you are going in the right direction when you say you desire to be baptized when you find a congregation that you feel comfortable with. I think you may get some comfort from the story in Acts 10 (the conversion of the Gentiles at Cornelius' house). The Holy Spirit fell on the Gentiles gathered there and they had not yet been baptized.

The most important thing to remember about baptism is that it is more of a legal transaction, a transference of the believer from the rule of the kingdom of darkness in this world, officially into the kingdom of light. Baptism legally places your life squarely and solely under the authority of Christ. The book of Hebrews has a lot to say about that fact. You are on the right path. Keep walking on it, and may God richly bless you as you do.

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