Why is my toe swollen?

My middle toe has been swoolen and tender for over 4 mo. Its warm, throbs sometimes and is uncomfortable. The underside from the joint to the foot is hard, but from the joint to the end of my toe, it almost looks like a large blister under the skin when I move my finger over it. I've been to my Dr. twice and they did an xray and blood work, but have no reason for what is going on. They gave me Naproxin (?) for the inflammation. I'm getting concerned and dont know what I should do next?

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully respond :-)

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If your toe is throbbing and feels warm to the touch, you may have an infection. If you are diabetic this could be a serious condition. I would check with another doctor for a second opinion.

Keep going to the doctor until they figure out what is wrong with you. If you get no response from your regular doctor, then request that he send you to a specialist (podiatrist, i believe). There is clearly something wrong and no one should have to endure pain longer than necessary.

Sounds like a symptom of physio-kundalini. If so, no medical intervention can stop it, and in fact doctors trying all kinds of things can cause permanent damage.

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For the last two days my toe next to my pinkie toe has been swollen, red, and painful! I don't recall hurting my toe? Why is it like this?

have you figured this out? I have the same thing!

hello i have the same problem, im only sixteen. so its really affecting me. I strongly belive this could be a gout attack. So could yours. Ive had this come and go on and off. For me it usually lasts about a week, and the swelling goes down. Its very painful to walk. Please tell me if you get any answers.

i just wanted to say your problem really sounds like gout, usually starts on the joint, feels warm, and is painful and red.

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