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I'm rather young of age and I know there is a whole lot of bias when it comes to younger people and relationships but I need some advice from someone who will actually listen. I live in western ...

Hmmm toughie this one.. How often do you guys actually see each other? Long distance relationships can be somewhat tricky even if its a couple of hours.. Smoking and drinking to me seems like a question of values in this case. Have you explained why this makes you so uncomfortable? It may make you feel better and perhaps make it seem a little less controlling and a little more concerned. But ultimately that is her decision! Asking someone what you should do is not solving the problem for you by the way..Some times you just have to man up and decide what is right for you and take control of your own relationship! As always we only see one side and don't know the whole situation. A clear mind and a sifter is always the best method though well good luck...

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”-Dr.Seuss
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