What are your tips for Mother's Day gifts?

What's your advice for a good Mother's Day present? From top left, close wise: Target Calypso St. Barth for Target scarf, Missoni (hearts) Havaianas flip flops, Nanette Lepore Woven metallic lambskin clutch, MZ Wallace StyleList

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Pure Love, and attention...

Spend what you can afford, a card is worth more that Gold to some..


Sweet G


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start by giving her a coupon ( you made) for i "free carwash" dinner (you cook)clean the house,wash windows. if you are the husband..foot massage,back rub, do the laundry..anything that will make her life easier and shows she is special..


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The best way is to show to your mom that you really love her and make her feel she is the best mother in the world.  Give her a bouquet of flowers or even take her out to dinner.

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two words: red lobster. it always works!

Hey, I wanna go with cremep0ps!  Love, red lobster. 

 I have three sons. 

One emailed from the road...and says he will call me later.  That's a fantastic present.  All a mother ever needs is to know that the children appreciate her. 

 I received a book on religious history on Friday from a second son of mine and just now, the doorbell rang and the third son and his children and wife sent me a fragrant and beautiful Edible Fruit bouquet.  Very special. 

 Plus, the sun is shining and the trees are budding...life....dontcha just love it..?  I do. 

I make a point of giving my mom love every day, so the official "Mother's day" is like any other day for me and my mom. We talk on the phone and I always say I love you before we end the conversation. This is the best present she could ask for, at least that's what she tells me. Wink

What comes around goes around.

Just tell her you love her it's not the gift that matters and show her you  love her. As that's is the best thing to do.

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Convey your wishes first!!!And then give some surprise gift which she have been waited for a long time and make her feel happy throughout the life.

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