What are some tips for safe travelling ?

What are some tips for safe travelling? 

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Well if you want to make sure you are travelling safe browse on the web for the best tips on that. You can aslo ask friends for advice how they do it. You can also check http://www.safetravel.co.uk/ or http://www.bravotours.dk/ for more tips on travelling safe.

For safe traveling you have to know the exact way where you are going and pack all the stuffs you need in the journey.

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Honestly, such depends on the destination. But in general, to be safe in travelling, you have to be prepared at all times. For example, if you're cruising and you're seasick, then you should have your own medicine kit. Basically, we just have to utilize our common sense. just make sure again you're prepared and that you're familiar with the place you're travelling to.

Don't travel.

  • Keep your personal belongings close to you at all times.
  • Make use of the steel safe that some hotels provide for their guests' discreet use. When there's none, use your luggage lock to secure the door of the clothes cabinet in your room.
  • Don't let housekeeping clean and tidy up in your room until you're packed and ready to depart from the premises. This avoids conflicts arising from distrust of the hired help and prevents misunderstandings regarding stuff around the room considered as trash by the maid and your personal things that you don't want anyone else to touch or move.
  • Carry your money, credit cards, ID cards, Visa and Passports, and other important documents in one place, like a men's slim travel wallet you can hide underneath your shirt or a small women's travel pouch that you can hang around your neck. You can also use a compact overnight bag from Jetsettr.com.au as your all-in-one travel tote.
  • Some travelers divide their money into small and large amounts of currencies. They hide the bigger bills in a secret pocket inside their trousers or in a hidden slot in the inner lining of their travel jacket. Meanwhile, they keep the smaller bills within easy access, like an extra slot or pocket outside a pouch. In case they got mugged (assuming the mugger didn't think to make them strip down to their undies), no one else would be the wiser in figuring out where the secret stash of money could be found.
  • When you're traveling to another place and you wanted to bring along your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other mobile devices, make sure you bring along your own mobile broadband via a USB dongle or a portable Wi-Fi device. Not every hotel or cafe keeps a secure Wi-Fi hotspot or offers a stable broadband connection.
  • Double check the wattage/voltage of each electronic device, so you'd know which travel plug adapters and power converters you'll need for your destination. Remember that heating appliances, such as a hairdryer or a travel iron, consume more power and needs outlets that can dispense currents at higher voltages. Plugging electronic devices with rechargeable batteries into low-voltage outlets won't cause problems, except that you'll take twice the usual number of minutes to fully charge your phone.
  • Always bring a call card with you in case you needed to make an emergency call at a public phone that accepts these phone cards. Phone cards are also very useful when you can't find a strong signal from your network to make a decent call from your mobile phone. In addition, many countryside areas still use coin-fed payphones so you may wanna keep a few loose changes in the currency of the country you're visiting.

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