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How much do you tip a wedding hair stylist on a holiday weekend?

what is an average tip for a hair styllist for a wedding

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The event has probably already passed but hopefully it will help someone.  Normally with a holiday you will want to tip double, if it is just the weekend before the holiday then it would be appropriate to do 150%.  Now that being said how much would you normally tip then.  It really varies a lot on what you expect, what's delivered and where you live.  If you are pleased it is not unheard of to leave a $30-40 tip, however, it is very reasonable in some places to leave $5-10.  Normally I let my decision be solely based on how pleased I am and how much I can afford.  Also note that if you have longer hair, which means it will take more time you should tip a little higher because of it.  Hope the wedding was a success.

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