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How much time does it take to get results of ultrasound examination?

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5 to 7 days.  Sometimes sooner if somethings wrong.  No later than 10 days.

Ultrasounds are immediate and the only time they may have to be reviewed is if there is a problem. If you are having problems getting your results you may want to call your ob/gyn and find out what the problem is. If you are looking for the sex of the baby that can often be told at the time of the ultrasound (if the baby is in the correct position).  Generally if there are any problems you will be told at the time of the ultrasound. 

Depending on 3 things:

1) Radiologist: if the RADIOLOGIST (person who went to specialize in diagnosing off of pictures) is PACS connected turn-around can be immediate or within 24-hours,  THE REDTAPE comes in if their is NO ONE to type the final report (med transcriptionist) or MED TRANSCRIPTIONIST cannot understand RADIOLOGIST (because of accent or motormouth) , or if the RADIOLOGIST is on-call at some hospital, or is on vacation and thus cannot read your exam in timely fashion, or if the Ultrasound Technician and Radiologist are working together for the 1st time and they want additional pictures because they aren't comfortable with those pictures/ultrasound techs worksheet impressions.  THIS WILL CAUSE THIS TO STRETCH OUT FROM 24-HOURS, 2-DAYS to MAXIMUM 7 days. 

2) Clinical Practice: HOSPITAL immediate results (IF*)! WAIT TIME: LONG you have to have your guts spilling out to be seen right away/ losing consciousness/ doubling over yourself to be triaged in queue line be seen.  MEDIUM PRIVATE PRACTICE:  If they have a Radiologist on-site, RIGHT AWAY, if the radiologist visits once a day, NEXT DAY or 5-DAYS average if NEGATIVE result/means NORMAL.  SMALL PRACTICE: Depending on the number of patients they see a day. 24-hours- or 3/4 days.

3) Clinical Findings: IF you have a serious rupture of vessels (aorta) and free fluid in the abdomen/pelvis... The Ultrasound technician should direct you to a Hospital ALONG with the images for the Hospital to treat you immediately.  Internal bleeding is not NORMAL.  **rare life+DEATH.   If the RADIOLOGIST reads your results NEGATIVE, its not important to rush, THEREFORE its normal, the final report is given to your doctor by (1) FAX (2) E-MAILED (w./ HIPAA compliance) (3) MAILED to your REFERRING DOCTOR.  YOUR DOCTOR discloses the results to you via PATIENT/DOCTOR confidentiality. AND further prescribes more medicine or action based on correlating other tests that you have to do. Ie: Bloodwork, follow up, CT, MRI, other diagnostics.


Hope that helps... Been working in diagnostic privately-owned facility for over 16 years.   If you put pressure on a clinic to give your results it might only make them work slower because they don't function 100% if their is stress/pressure on their necks.  If you say its an emergency, they will call you on your bluff and tell you to take your butt over to the hospital.

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