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Can you make time payments if you are found guilty and don't have all the fine money with you at your court date?

Do District Courts in New Hampshire except time payments of fines if the defendant is found guilty and only has some of the money toward the fine due to being out of work for health reasons?

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I went to court in Salem NH (District Court) and found out that if you do not have ALL of the fine money with you, you either have to find someone who will "lend" you the difference, or come back at 2:30pm and face the Presiding Judge, he will decide if you can make payments of go to jail (in NH the court will get $50 per day for each person that goes to jail due to not having enough money for their fine).  I owed $40 and I luckily was able to borrow it from my father.  Now this is only for NH so far, I don't know about other States. 


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