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When is the best time to mate a bullmastiff

I have a 2 year old bullmastiff.  I am wanting to breed her with a brothers bullmastiff for personal puppys.  we just love these dogs.  when is the best time in her cycle to start introducing the male to her.

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From my personal experience working at a show kennels and having dogs of my own, you have done a great service to your dog by waiting till she is 2 years old.  Dogs heat usually last 10 to 12 days at which they will only take a male during about 48 hours of that time.  Usually the 9th to the 11th day.  She will let you know by laying down backing up to you and scratch her on her back near the tail and she will stimulate that she is ready.  But if that isn't enough info here's the technical stuff that might help you more.  Good luck with the pups. Post a pic for us! Grandmommie to be! http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/breedingheat.htm

Oh and PS If she isn't ready you could have a pretty bad dog fight on your hands.  She'll probably bite is head off and spit it down his throat.  If anyway posssible put them in pens beside each other when you think they are ready and if she rubs herself along the pen or backs up to the male then it's time.  She'll practically beg for it when she's ready.

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