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Every time i try to get into a relationship with a ...

Every time i try to get into a relationship with a guy i get scared and mess things up on purpose, because im scared im going to end up like my mother. is there something wrong w/ me?

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never two fates are identical, be happy and enjoy life. do not compare.

love smiling faces, or make others to smile at you. it is the secret of happiness in life.

Yes, there is something wrong with you and you just pointed it out. You have the model of your mother before your eyes all the time and you believe you'll be like her. When we believe in something, we make it happen. So if you believe you'll fail, you'll work towards that failure. You surely need to see a psychologist/counselor to be able to deal with your fear of relationship failure.

Jesus is the truth, the way, and the LIFE

yes and no. u have yr mother as a bad example re relationships with men which means hers with yr father was not good. so this is the source of yr fear of men. nothing is wrong with uuu but everything was wrong with yr moms relationships which probably means that her parents relationship was not good either. and so it goes on and on. there is not much that u can do about it cos u are probably attracting wrong men. i dont suggest that u go to a coach or shrink cos the cause of yr problem is in yr childhood and only a good man could...maybe...make u trust men,something that yr father did not do. sorry. i lived the same as u. my parents marriage was no good and so was not mine either. i hope my sons will be better...

There's no god and u know it!!!

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